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Spokane Veterans Medical Center Dahlia Garden

In the year 2000, two of our members, Dennis   and Claudia Biggs, with the help of the Inland Empire Dahlia Society, founded the Spokane Veterans Medical Center Dahlia Garden.  It is located at 4815 N. Assembly, Spokane, WA - 99205.  This garden honors all Veterans.

Dennis is no longer with us, accept in our fond memories of him and in our hearts.  Claudia continues to be the director of the Veterans Medical Center Dahlia Garden.  It is spectacular.

Many of our active society members help care for this garden, also.  This is where we get most of our tubers, for our tuber sales.

 The veterans, their families, friends, doctors, nurses, all staff and visitors at the VA Medical Center love this garden.  They too, get to enjoy cutting the flowers to take with them in the fall

before we dig them up.  It is quite a joy for them and for us that witness it.

     Flower of the year


​             Officers & Trustees


   Pat Bentley, President 

   Susan Stephens, Vice President

   Carol Konitzer, Treasurer

   Heidi Byrum, Secretary


   Darcy Bentley, 1 Year

   Neil Boekel,  2 Year

   Pat O'Kelley,  3 Year 

Manito Park Meeting Room and Trial Garden

​Hollyhill Black Beauty

​3107 BB ID DR DR12

 IEDS Meeting,Trial Garden Information  &

Spokane Veterans Medical Center IEDS Dahlia Garden Information

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Inland Empire Dahlia Society (IEDS) meets the second Thursday of the month. We have 7 general meetings per year. We don't have meetings in July, August, September, December, and January.  The location of our meetings is at Manito Park Garden Center, meeting room, at 7:00 p.m. The Address is

1702 Grand Blvd, Spokane, WA-99203.   

When preparing for our shows we vote on the flower

of the year, for that class.  You will see it at the top of each page on our web site.  It is Colorado Classic.

A monthly newsletter, called the Dahlia Fax, is mailed

via the postal service or e-mailed.

In April, we have our, members only, Tuber Auction.

All tubers are donated, as are the ones for the tuber sales.  This is also, one of our club fund raisers, and is lots of fun.   

Our society is honored to sponsor one of the National Trial Gardens in the United States. This is located at Manito Park, in the Rose Garden.   When visitors visit  in the fall, they are in awe, with the beauty and size of the dahlias.  It is unfortunately, short lived in our part of the country, Eastern Washington state.  The season ends too, soon.  We usually have to cut before the frost. 

It is heart wrenching to cut them down when they are still in bloom.   It is fun though, also, to see all of the people that come to get free dahlias.  We take bottles of water and clippers and let them cut what they want.

They are so happy, elated, speechless, and some say, "I feel like I won the Lotto".  That makes it all worth while.

Photo Courtesy of Arrowhead Dahlias

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VA Medical Center Dahlia Garden