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 ​​​                                                                SECTION (CLASS) 20 (SPECIAL DAHLIA CATEGORIES)
                                                                           USE WHITE ENTRY TAGS FOR LOTS 1-6
LOT 1:  People's Choice - Only one entry per exhibitor.  Only one of a variety is eligible.  Ballot count at 3:00 Sunday
LOT 2:  Flower of the Year - Clearview Daniel
LOT 3:  1st Year Seedling
LOT 4:  2nd Year Seedling
LOT 5:  3rd Year Seedling
LOT 6:  NW Origination 
                                                                    DAHLIA ARRANGEMENTS - SECTION 21
                                                                              THEME:  VIKING PLASS
1.  Sweepstakes points will be awarded for arrangements - Lots 1-4 as follows:
      100 points for a blue ribbon and 50 points for a red.
2.  Use the theme and classes as shown (traditional, mantle, hall, dining table, coffee table, etc.)
3.  Arrangements must be entered in the class appropriate to the theme.  All classes are interpretive.
4.  ​Accessories and Embellishments are allowed where specified.
Judging Scale for Arrangements and Bouquets:
Design                      40 points                                        
Color Harmony      20 points
Expression              20 points
Distinction              20 points
TOTAL:                   100 points

                                                             RULES FOR ARRANGEMENTS CLASS:
1.  Use White Special Tags.
2.  Exhibitor may not have more than one entry in any lot, but may enter as many lots as desired.
3.  The design must be the original work and placed by the exhibitor.
4.  All containers and accessories need to be marked, inconspicuously with the exhibitor's name and phone number.  Exhibitor is responsible for picking up items after show on Sunday, unless other arrangements have been made.
5.  Dahlias only must be used in all classes, unless otherwise noted.  The dahlia must be  dominant.
6.  Flowers need not be grown by the exhibitor.  Dahlia buds are allowed in this class, also natural filler with or without  inconspicuous flowers or berries.
7.  All fresh plant material must be used.  No artificial material permitted, unless otherwise specified.
8.  The same rules apply as previously documented for Sweepstakes ties.
9.  Container/vase should not overwhelm the arrangement.  The focal point should be the dahlias.

GLOSSARY:  Accessories and embellishments are to play a very small part in the arrangements design.
a.  Accessory - Anything added to a design, other than, plant material, container, base, background, or  mechanics.  Accessories are subordinate to the other elements of the design. 
b.  Dominant - The stronger effect of one or more of the elements in the design.  Dahlias must be dominant in all classes.
c.  Embellishment - Any artificial addition to additional plant material that changes the plant material's appearance,

such as paint, glitter, and etc.

LOT 1)   The Vikings - Arrangement with water                    LOT 3)   Therapy & Exercise - Arrangement with motion
LOT 2)   5 Mile - Vertical Arrangement - Glads Optional     LOT 4)   Viking Path - Horizontal Arrangement - Glads Optional

                                                                                                                                                                                                     ​CONTINUE ON PAGE 6