12.  Exhibitors cannot make more than one entry per lot or class, unless, otherwise specified.
13.  ​Husband and wife must enter in the same level, which ever is higher.
14.  All dahlias must be exhibited in container supplied by the IEDS, except for the arrangements, bouquet, water bowl, and basket classes.  All baskets must have a handle.

15.  Due to space limitations, please use a smaller size container, vase, basket,  for staging your arrangements, etc.
16.  Artificial support, for blooms, above the container is prohibited.
17.  All dahlias shall be entered as classified in the latest ADS Classification Handbook of Dahlias, 2018, or Composite, if not in classification book.  Read your classification book and ADS Bulletins for all other changes made to classifications.  Make changes in your books, so that you know what the changes are for judging purposes.
18. **Exhibits entered incorrectly and placed on tables incorrectly can be disqualified.  (You need correct color of tags for your skill level and class entered, and the new tags with the SKILL LEVEL added to choices to punch.   Fill out tag completely, top and bottom.
19.  Named ADS varieties only, when entered into competition in ADS shows.  If you have a dahlia with a name but has not been classified (not in any classification book) you must have it classified and tag initialed by senior judges.  A form needs to be filled out for person sending information to the ADS, so it can be entered into the classification book.  If a flower was not classified and it is only one flower, for that exhibitor, for example, the team may ask senior judges and show chair if it can be classified.  We shouldn't set a flower back if exhibitor forgot to have it classified.  See judging manual for that rule.
20.  Disseminated dahlias, when entered as classified into competition, in ADS Shows, will not be disqualified, nor will they receive a prize/award or penalty points for being over sized / undersized.  The dahlia bloom will be judged on it's own merits or lack of.
21.  Undisseminated dahlias my be entered in show against classified Dahlias for one year, only.
22.  In Classes 1-19, dahlias must be displayed with, at least,  one set/pair of leaves on the stem, set as evenly across from each other, as possible and disbudded.  Leaves cannot be placed touching the foam or container.  This could be cause for no award given.
23.  Exhibitors shall keep their exhibits fresh and in show quality condition for judging,  Making sure there is plenty of water in the container, before setting them on the tables for judging..
24.  The Show Committee reserves the right to reject any entry.  The Show Committee may, also, make additions or changes in the rules, which are deemed necessary for the proper conduct of the show.  Any rules so made, shall  be as binding as though they were a published part of these rules. (They may not alter the judge's decisions.)  Diseased looking leaves and flowers should not be judged.  Green centers should never be awarded a ribbon.  The head table is for high quality flowers.

25.  A SECOND PLACE AWARD MAY BE GIVEN by judges when a entries are considered unworthy of a first place award.  Not every class has to be awarded a blue ribbon.  Diseased looking leaves and flowers should not be judged and especially not receive a high award.  Green centers should never be awarded a ribbon.  The head table should only have quality blooms. All blooms shown in competition, including blooms in baskets and bouquets, must have been grown by the exhibitor. Arrangements are the only exception.

                                                                                                                                                         ​   CONTINUE ON PAGE 4

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